MedicalLSU Agreement

LSU Agreement

Cannaworx Forms LSU Joint Research Agreement

Louisiana State University Medical School agreed to conduct medical research on our behalf. We provide the test material and they provide, through grants, the funds to conduct the studies.

A key aspect of the collaboration is that whatever findings or patents emerge from the study; our company would own the IP. Any of our products could be studied for efficacy through this arrangement. The scientific validation of the product efficacy that comes from a well-designed, peer-reviewed, published study conducted at a major Medical School, would have enormous validation value in the marketplace. The special significance for Pressure BioSciences is that through UST Technology we can produce nano-size particles as small as 40 nanometers without altering the molecule. At this number, molecules can cross the Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB). Being able to cross the BBB is the ultimate goal in medicine when treating brain cancer. Nano sizing molecules with UST could revolutionize brain cancer and reduce side effects from chemotherapy. A study published by LSU Medical School, demonstrating success with BBB transmission for cancer chemotherapy due to UST, should bring overwhelming interest in our technology.

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