UST Technology for the Nutraceutical and OTC Market

The Problem

Bioavailability and absorbability are the key issues in any ingestible or transdermal product, OTC and pharma alike.

The Solution

UST Technology can greatly enhance the effectiveness of our exclusive collection of patents and important FDA cleared clinical claims.

The revolutionary UST nanotechnology will greatly increase clinical effectiveness and  buy us an exceptional consumer market share in the nutraceutical, OTC pain and immune enhancement market as well as consumer biotechnology.  Cannabis-based marketplace is also primed for improved bioavailability.

Market size estimated at $578 Billion by 2025

Having an effective pain relief alternative to the ever-escalating opioid market presents us with an unparalleled market opportunity. Our patented disruptive delivery system coupled with our scientific clinical research enables us to launch our products as an alternative to pain relief which are more bioavailable, effective and can make actual claims cleared by the FDA.